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Adapt will work for you to find the right provider that will integrate into your program, not someone who “is just a locum”

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  • Quality providers vetted by clinical leaders

  • Providers that will integrate into your program

  • Timely and High Fill Rate

  • Credentialing and scheduling support

As a physician leader, I was used to locum companies calling and reaching out with the same speech: “I have someone who just came available who is ready to work in your area.” Locum companies wouldn’t take the time to find out what my organization needed and were presenting providers who didn’t fit the requirements. I felt that I was getting a lot of talking and not a lot of listening from locum companies.


That is why we created Adapt Locum, a company that will partner with you to put your needs first. 

- William Vemula, MD, Co-Founder

What Adapt Offers:

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